Bored? So am I, this is how my boring moments play out.

It usually starts with me having something that I need to do, but not something I want to do.

After that I end up going to YouTube or trying to watch a TV series, only to realize that none of my usual media favorites are appealing at that time. Then the books call me over. They tell me to read, and so I do, because I love to read. Without thinking to much so I pick up a book that I’ve already started reading. It doesn’t entertain me like it did when I started. Going through my vast collection, both physical and digital, nothing catches my attention.

After a wasted five minutes of going through the collection I decide to put on some music and clean my living space, but this only lasts for a few songs before I give up or am finished. I leave the music on and start thinking about my future, the past and the things that I should be doing right now.

Ten minutes pass and I can’t take it anymore, I need something to do. A cup of coffee should wake me up (Note to self: make a post about coffee). Thankfully that eliminated some boredom. And so I sit down, cup in hand, coffee flowing through me, I’m ready to do some productive work…

Or I could be writing a blog post about boredom. A fantastic idea, at least I think so. I guess time will tell, the blog has just started so I’m not expecting anything crazy.

Honestly after all this, I’m still not sure what to do, but at least I spent a few minutes without feeling bored.