Let’s be honest, everyone has bad days.

The days where nothing goes the way you want it to. The days where the sadness creeps into your soul and threatens your perfectly fine week.

It’s hard to get out of these slumps and no one has a perfect method. However some of us have found ways to help clear the dark clouds. One way to do this is to go back and watch the movie that made you laugh or made you look at the future of humanity as being a place where you want to live in. This movie may change depending on what your tastes are, but if you would like a few suggestions I would happily give you my list of movies that lift my spirits and maybe you can find some happiness in them.

1.) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

A perfectly funny English comedy about the classic Arthurian tale. It’s not a movie that resonates with everyone, but I highly recommend it for it’s light outlook on life.

2.) The Breakfast Club

A beautiful movie about life that helps you realize the problem you’re facing and gives you the needed advice to face it head on.

3.) The Grand Budapest Hotel

A delightfully strange movie that will leave you breathless and will help you forget about the problem while you stare at intricately detailed set pieces that will shock you with their beauty.

4.) Friends ( The show)

Alright it’s not a movie, but it is a hilarious look on adult life and the people we are surrounded by each day. It may not necessarily help you with your problem, but it will help with those pesky clouds that don’t seem to be going anywhere.