A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world. Paracosms are thought generally to originate in childhood and to have one or numerous creators. The creator of a paracosm has a complex and deeply felt relationship with this subjective universe, which may incorporate real-world or imaginary characters and conventions. Commonly having its own geography, history, and language, it is an experience that is often developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time, months or even years, as a sophisticated reality that can last into adulthood.

A wonderful place for a child to spend, don’t you think? I’m not saying it only because I had one and probably spent too much time in it instead of making friends. Maybe I am, but that’s not the point.

I think it’s incredible that children can create worlds. Worlds that make them happy, where they can explore their imaginations can fully grow and mold the people they become.